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My baaaaaby, DJ. Are u being a good boy? I love u & miss you, so dies Shane. God bless you, my ❤️ love.

Posted by on DJ by Mama


Posted by on Snow by jay


Posted by on Snow by jay

I miss you, babygirl. Now you can sloph in peace and I’m always coziz with you every night.

Posted by on Snow by jay

She was only 4 years old, turning 5 next month. Such a small amount of time, but it felt like forever. It’s hard to imagine a time without her, yet now we have to live it. I remember how she loved my little pony because a character had the same name as her. When it got removed from netflix Luna slept on her grandma’s feet, patently waiting for her grandma to wake up so Luna could complain about it. She was so sweet. I miss you so much

Posted by on Princess Luna by ur loving aunt

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My love,
I never wanted this day to come, yet I never want you to be in pain, so with all my heart I let you go so you can cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I will protect, love and cherish your spirit until we meet again, sweet baby. I promise to always remember the snuggles, the licks, the good times and the messy times. I will visit you often and light your memorial flame so you can always find me. May you play, run and sleep peacefully in the lush green fields of the Rainbow Bridge.

Spirit to spirit forever,
Your human

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