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Lucky The 1st

June 11, 2011

Lucky was a amazing and protective dog. He was always so funny and adorable. He was part German Shepherd and Rottweiler. I loved him so much, he saved me from a wolf attack and never left my aide after that He passed 2 months later. I Miss him…

Marion Chua

December 23, 2023

A loving, sweet red sided eclectus that hatched on 8 May 2005 at Mandai Birds Sanctuary (S) Pte Ltd at MD3 MK13 Lorong Lada Hitam, Singapore 760000 Dearly missed by owner Jonathan. …
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November 27, 2023

Shora was the bestest girl, the gentlest soul I have ever known. She was a retired racer, a beautiful princess for whom I would give almost anything to have her back and healthy for just a while longer. She loved zoomies, and fresh snow, and soft bla…
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Lt. Dan VanDamme

December 22, 2023

Lt. Dan of Pulaski, NY passed away on December 22, 2023 after a brief illness overtook him. He is survived by his human daddy and best friend, Ben. A graveside dedication will occur in the Spring. …


December 21, 2003

In loving memory of our lovely cat babi. Always in our hearts…
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Boberry “BO” Jaxon Gibbons

December 20, 2023

BoBerry “BO” Jaxon Gibbons was a huge part of the Gibbons family. He was a treasured and spoiled big baby who will never be forgotten! He left behind tons of beautiful memories & love! BO was welcomed at the rainbow bridge by his sister Rosie! 🐾πŸ…
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December 18, 2023

Murray. 12/18/2023 He loved gravy, he loved springs, he loved pink, he loved my sleeping bag, he loved my bed, he loved laurenzside, he loved sleeping, he loved quiet, he loved knocking over Christmas things, he loved play fighting with his sister…
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Lilly Star Cargle

December 18, 2023

Lilly Star Cargle My Little ❀🐞 Bug I will always miss you I love You with all my heart …
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bailey Shanley

August 28, 2023

bailey lived 16 years and lived through a lot of stuff medical and non-medical but she got old and time comes so spend time with your family while you can because you never know when it will be the last. in loving memory rest in peace…
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Kade Oliver

December 16, 2023

For 13 years my life has been filled with unconditional love from Mr. Kade Oliver, my moo Kitty, “Kade the cat!”. Mr. Kade was named after my favorite DJ, Kaskade and he was dubbed my moo kitty because for a while he was overweight and all he wanted …


December 15, 2023

Pab was a punk, a boss, and a sweetheart who wiggled into my heart. I may not have known her as a kitten but she came to me in 2021 and decided I was hers. She loved to watch the crows, and do tricks for treats. I’ll miss you, until we meet again….

Shadow Hornum

December 13, 2023

We lost your physical presence today but you will always be with us. We love you Shadow….

Honey Bun Johnson-Ratliff

December 9, 2023

Honey Bun Johnson, will be truly missed by her mom Mariah Ratliff & the family. Mariah loved honey bun so much and was so happy and excited to see her honey bun grow and play everyday. Unfortunately honey bun days have come to an end.. XOXO WE WILL …


December 9, 2023

Champy was a beloved little guy by the Melendez family for a whole, well lived 16 years. All throughout, Champy was adored by many friends and family members that came and gone, and will continue to be cherished forever over the rainbow. ❀ CHAMPY…

Frankie Weiss

November 30, 2023

Frankie, You are going to be missed so much. You were so loved! It’s not going to be the same without you. Please know I will always love you and I know you are with us in spirit and please pay us visits. I love you my doll! Forever and ever! Jenna…


November 27, 2023

My beautiful special orange girl, losing you has been the worst pain I have ever felt. I am so grateful to have had 16 wonderful years with you. I am so happy to have helped you cross the rainbow bridge & are no longer in pain. I love you forever…

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