Pet Heaven Memorials


Bonzo Tanzler

March 16, 2020

Bonzo became a Tanzler at 7 months old. He lived until he was 14. We love and miss him very much and think of him everyday. I am honored that I got to be his mom and give him a home, family, and love….

Arya Mathis

September 8, 2021

Arya was a beautiful Corgi with so much joy and spunk! She was so loved and adored by her Dads Kory and Steve, all her extended family and friends and her big brother Ozzi. She brought joy and love to all our lives. She will forever be missed dearly….

Knola Pereira

January 4, 2021

She was the best dog she saved me.I miss her so much…
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Rodrigo Diego Nobles

July 15, 2021

My sweet boy! I fell in love with that face online! You were such a good boy once you realized we were family. You kept me going when depression hit me so hard. Without you, I may not be here today. I wanted to save you, but Cancer was too aggressive…
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Missy Crites

January 21, 2020

Our beloved Missy … gone way too soon. You were the most unique, special kitty we have ever known. You were always there to comfort us when we were sad, hurting , afraid , etc. You would never leave our side. When you were diagnosed with lung cance…

Zoe Mishler

July 6, 2021

Rest peacefully sweet baby girl💕…

Shannon Campbell

July 4, 2017

Shannon’s Diamond Campbell aka: shanny, pants, girlie girl, miss bossy pants My beautiful tiny puppy you grew to be a beautiful girl inside and out. You were my Alfa female, you certainly kept the boys in line. You were the protector of the c…

Rocky Campbell

April 17, 2017

Rocky campbell aka: rock, petety, boombie My precious Rocky, you came to me as a stray and once you were fully nursed back to health you became the best friend a girl could have. You were not only my companion but my protector as well. Through …

Oskar Bjorn Postelwait

April 8, 2021

Oskar was a German shepherd mix who left a positive impact on everyone he met. He had a song in his heart and sang every time his mom came home. He was so happy and was surrounded by people and pets who loved him. He put a smile on everyone’s face,…


July 24, 2021

You didn’t spend long here on earth but you made a big impression. You will forever be missed espcially by your buddy! Lillie. We love you and miss you. Mom Dad and Sis…

Bella Villarreal

May 10, 2019

I miss you so much my baby Bellita . ❤️💔😔😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️…

Chico-Man Hollenbeck

September 9, 2021

My beloved Chico had passed away at 1:30 am on September 9, 2021.  He was the most amazing and loving little boy a mommy could ever have.  And he will be greatly missed by everyone he knew.  I love you my little man!…

Snickers Holiskey

June 28, 2021

Snickerdoodle passed away on June 28, 2021 surrounded by her family. She was about 11 years old, and had been diagnosed with cancer and other age related dog conditions. Snickers was a cherished pet. A certified service dog. A shedder that never sto…

OTTO Lowe Serrato

December 23, 2019

OTTO – I had the pleasure of meeting you and being your mom for many years.   The day I met you was the happiest day of my life.  I still remember you standing on top  the stairs barking at me like a big guy 🙂 . The day your dad gave me the news…
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Beau Carter

April 14, 2021

This was my baby boy. I loved him with all my heart. I still have hard days. He is no longer in pain and for that I am thankful. He will furever be in my heart. I love you Beau!!…

Shelby Lynn

November 15, 2019

Shelby Lynn was my Sugar Baby…

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