Loss of a Dog

There’s a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” Dogs and humans can grow to share a special and unusually close bond; if you have known and loved a dog yourself, you know these relationships can often parallel or surpass human-to-human relationships in terms of closeness and love. Sometimes, we are caught off guard …

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Loss of a Cat

You couldn’t pretend you had lost nothing. A good cat had died — you had to begin there, not let your blood freeze over. If your heart turned away at this, it could turn away at something greater, then more and more until your heart stayed averted, immobile, your imagination redistributed away from the world …

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On Guilt

On Guilt Once your pet has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, you may feel some guilt around the circumstances of your pet’s death. This is a common reaction to the loss of a pet–as your pet’s caretaker, it is easy to feel responsible for every individual factor that led up to your pet’s death. …

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